Stella D’oro has been making a variety of specialty baked goods since 1930.

Today, Stella D’oro’s line of high-quality products includes a delectable variety of cookies, breakfast treats and breadsticks.

Choose a Product Line:
  • Breadsticks
    • breadsticks_original
    • breadsticks_garlic
    • breadsticks_sesame
    • breadsticks_sodium
  • Breakfast Treats
    • breakfast_orig
    • breakfast_choc
    • breakfast_viennese
    • breakfast_100cal_orig
  • Toast and Sponge
    • toast_almond
    • toast_orig
    • toast_toast
  • Cookies
    • cookies_almond
    • cookies_angelica
    • cookies_choc_marg
    • cookies_choc_swiss
    • cookies_egg
    • cookies_marg_comb
    • cookies_marg
    • cookies_roman
    • cookies_swiss

Try our NEW cookies.

Fudge originated in Switzerland, giving the cookie its name. This star-shaped chocolate cookie has a center filled with pure, delicious fudge. This new cookie is similar to our original Swiss Fudge but has a rich chocolate base. View

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